Saturday, March 8, 2014

My swap box is here!!!!!!

Iara was my swap partner and I'm just going to say, SHE IS FABULOUS!!!!!! Even the box itself was awesome! My daughter Laney especially loved the tomato pic. She was so excited I had to hold her back.

She even had her own mini package with "the coolest pencils ever", she kept hugging them.

This is most of my swap package, I got 2 pair of earrings and the best slippers EVER!!! Not to mention the fabric and other goodies, I have fabric dreams for the fabric already.

My absolute FAVORITE item in the package is the drool bib for Brutus. Yes, this is him in his "Drool tu Brutus?" bib, yes, with drool dripping from his jowels. He actually loves the bib.

Iara, a thousand thank yous! My husband was so impressed, he was almost as excited as Laney and I.


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  1. i'm so excited that you enjoyed your package! i love the picture of brutus wearing his bib. i was so anxious about it fitting him. i'm glad Laney loves her pencils. my favorite part of sending packages is decorating them. i once sent a quick package to my niece and nephew from a trip i was on. when i passed through texas and visited with them i asked how they liked what i had sent them, and they told me they didn't get a package from me. i gave my sister a quizzical look and she mouthed "no art!" <3 <3 <3