Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Some of my recent apron adventures


This was an apron for the beloved Miss Patsy at the Yuma main library. She hosts story time every Tuesday at 10:30 and we LOVE her.


This apron was for my friend Laura's b-day!!! I love making aprons for people but love them so much I want to keep them all!!! I love making aprons out of table runners, bed skirts, curtains, dresses, and anything else I can run through my sewing machine. I also got a ruffler foot!!! I am so excited because now I don't have to worry about the thread breaking when I gather the ruffles. Life is good.




I am so excited to participate in Val's latest swap from Yarnis Gras!!! If you haven't been to her blog you should definitely check it out!!!! She hosts my favorite swap in the world...the zombie doll swap. Love her!



Thursday, January 16, 2014

Life has finally slowed down...I think

Well, life has been crazy with the holidays. I spent a lot of time sewing costumes for my crew of 4, and of course, my husband...

I have a Zombie, Bane from "The Dark Night Rises", Robin from "Arkham City", and Red Riding Hood.

This is my little Red Riding Hood scaring the Big Bad Wolf (her Daddy).

This is Little Red Riding Hood and me, her "witch mommy". Doesn't sound very good out of context does it?