Friday, February 28, 2014

My Baby is 5!!!!!

Ok, my daughter Laney had a birthday party on Saturday where I was supposed to serve this awesome cake...Our Mastiff, Brutus, had other plans. He stole three chocolate cakes of various sizes off of the cooling rack in the kitchen and devoured them. Let's just say he was in lockdown for the majority of the party. Thank goodness for Sam's because that's where we got a replacement for the day even if it killed me.

Sooo, here is the cake I was supposed to make for her party that I instead got to make for her real birthday, which was yesterday.


Here is my little cowgirl princess on her new unicorn which she named Strawberry. Who both later stole my bed to have a birthday sleepover with Daddy. It was pretty adorable, .even if we did have to beg to let Strawberry sleep in the bed.

She really couldn't help herself before cake time because "I'm just looking at it, I'm not going to eat it, mom!".


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