Thursday, September 15, 2011

A herd(?) of donkeys

I went up to Utah from Arizona to get an entire trailer of beds, dressers,(most importantly my sewing machine and SOME of my fabric horde). We finally made it there driving all through the night including drinking 2 bottles of 5 hour energy xtra strength the last 2 hours. The kids did great cuz they pretty much slept. I did wake them to go through the strip in Vegas.  The boys kept quoting Despicable Me and Laney(2) kept crying every time we were out of viewing of her "princess castle" which meant we did 3 laps before she felt she could say goodbye to her castle and not scream. We got to Utah and everyone was thoroughly spoiled for days and where I found out about the zombie swap. Sooo excited because I think Halloween might be my favorite holiday.  So we pack up and head home at 2 in the afternoon 5 hours behind schedule, because the van would not start.  Lets just say night trips, while harder on me are WAAAAY better for the kids. I threatened to take one of the boys faces off and the youngest said"you would kill your own son" we had a discussion again about how mommy doesn't always mean what she says when she is threatening kids in the car...again.  Lets just say wildlife was out in abundance we almost hit a deer, a fox, a jackrabbit, and oh yes a herd of jackasses.  Lets just say there name changed from donkeys after I was forced to swerve with a trailer full of furniture, my 4 kids and a dog(Buddy) in the van.  Next weekend I may be doing it again to take the trailer back...good thing everything is better after midnight or I would never get to sew. 


  1. Ha ha ha...Still laughing my Ass off!! I can't wait until you come home again!!

  2. I love the Aprons. Fabulous!!!!
    It feel good to get back behind the PEDDLE??